Fire King


Cash Recycler

Different than a depository unit or "smart" safe, a cash recycler accepts deposits and dispenses notes. It is also able to securely store notes, automatically manage cash inventory, and generally streamline the overall cash management process. Cash recycling isn't just a device - it's a holistic approach to cash management. By automating and streamlining manual cash management processes, it impacts every process and person in any retail or other cash-heavy environment.


Retail Inventory Control Safe

FireKing's line of Inventory Protection Safes are excellent for storing large amounts of product and equipment. Featuring dual doors, adjustable shelving, and electronic locks, these safes are ideal for storing and organizing your cannabis products in a back office or warehouse before they're ready to be sold.


Cannabis Delivery Safe

Driver safety during delivery is vital. Help protect your drivers by storing cash and product in FireKing's cannabis delivery safes. Featuring B-rate construction, bolt down kit, exterior deposits, multiple doors, time-delay locks, and more to help deter theft.


Fire & Burglary Cannabis Safe

Your products and your cash are only as safe as the safe they are stored in. FireKing's High Security Cannabis Safe features a UL TL-30 rating, meaning that it is fireproof for 1 hour, and is constructed to withstand a professional 30 minute attack. Coming in many sizes and featuring adjustable shelving, there is an option available to fit nearly any need. Each safe features high-quality dial combination locks with an internal relocking devise, other lock options available.


High Security Cash Management Safe

In high crime areas and locations carrying large amounts of cash, security is vital. To protect your cash, you need a safe that is up to the task. The UNA UL-291 features UL high security construction that can resist attacks from all angles. In addition to its security, the UNA UL-291 has dual note validators, an intuitive touch screen interface, thermal printer, and utilizes our Summit Web Services to make daily cash handling information available to your entire organization. With immediate view of cash activities across single or multiple locations, the ability to maximize cash flow and reduce cash shrinkage is greatly enhanced.

Splango 360

Summit Control & Summit View

The Summit Control and Summit View allow companies to maintain constant contact with deployed devices without site visits. Through a highly secure connection, users can perform a comprehensive set of activities including system administration, device monitoring, user management, and reporting.